Band History


The first lineup of The Reflektors was formed in 1996 when Kath (drums), Ben (lead) and Pete (bass) from the defunct country group Sutter's Gold formed a pop music band with another guy called Ian on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. Unfortunately Ian left town and Pete went off to another country band. Kath and Ben then rejoined the reformed Cottonwood country band.

Two years later the guys in Cottonwood were asked if they could perform a Rock 'n' Roll night. After a bit of deliberation they agreed to do so. A few weeks before the gig their singer left the band and Cottonwood were no more.

Kath, Ben and Richard (bass) asked one of Ben's old friends, John, to help out for the gig on rhythm guitar and vocals and The Reflektors were reborn. John was only there for the one gig so over the next few years the band either performed as a three piece with Ben taking the vocal role or as a four piece with the addition of Dave, another old friend.

Dave did not wish to perform too often and eventually move to Ireland. Shortly after this, in 2007, they were fortunate to recruit Mike as additional singer and rhythm guitarist and this was the line up until 2012 when Richard moved on to pastures anew and Pete joined the band on bass.