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Audio samples from The Reflektors CD 'On Reflection'

http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/I'll Never Get Over You clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Black Magic Woman clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Sleep Walk clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/It's My Party clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Love Letters In The Sand clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/I Love To Boogie clip.mp3


Track listing of CD 'On Reflection'.

  1.  I'll Never Get Over You
  2.  When My Little Girl Is Smiling
  3.  Shadoogie
  4.  Then He Kissed Me
  5.  I Love to Boogie
  6.  Love Letters In The Sand
  7.  Black Magic Woman
  8.  It's My Party
  9.  Sleep Walk


10.  Maybe Baby
11.  C'mon Everybody
12.  I Only Want To Be With You
13.  Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You)
14.  Rockin' All Over The World
15.  Teenager In Love
16.  Wipeout
17.  You Know What I Mean


Audio samples from The Reflektors CD 'Looking Back'.

http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Someday clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Teenage Heaven Clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Chip Shop clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Walk Don't Run Clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Love Is All Around clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Summertime Blues clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Sea Cruise clip.mp3http://reflektors.webs.com/Sound clips/Under The Boardwalk clip.mp3


Track listing of CD 'Looking Back'.

  1.  Someday (When I'm Gone From You)
  2.  Summertime Blues
  3.  Apache
  4.  Sea Cruise
  5.  Days
  6.  Teenage Heaven
  7.  Rock Around With Ollie Vee
  8.  Walk Don't Run
  9.  Love Is All Around

10.  Tulsa Time
11.  All Shook Up
12.  There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop
    Swears He's Elvis
13.  Mona Lisa
14.  Under The Boardwalk
15.  Oh Boy
16.  Shazam
17.  Johnny B. Goode